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Who Was Paul McGuire?

Dominic Mary Paul McGuire was born in Peterborough, South Australia, on 3rd April 1903.

He was educated at Christian Brothers College and the University of Adelaide.

A writer of more than 30 works of fiction, verse, history, travel and politics, Paul McGuire was particularly interested in ships and the sea. His book Westward the course, written to engage American interest in the Western Pacific, went to press the week Pearl Harbour was attacked, and was a best seller. During World War II Paul McGuire served with naval intelligence and reached the rank of Commander.

For five years from 1954, he served as the Australian Minister (later Ambassador) to Italy. He was twice a member of the Australian delegation to the United Nations. Among his other achievements, Paul McGuire went to London as advisor to the Prime Minister for the Prime Minister's Conference of 1951, and represented the Australian Government at the Coronation of the Pope in 1959. He was president of the Good Neighbour Council of SA, and a founding member of the SA Branch of the Naval Historical Society.

He died on 15th June 1978, in North Adelaide, South Australia.

A much more complete biography is available here (Australian Dictionary of Biography).

Paul McGuire

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